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Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Food Safety [On-demand webinar]

Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Food Safety.jpg
This webinar explores the potential risks that have been highlighted in terms of food safety, key learnings across the food supply chain as a result, as well as where the opportunities lie going forward. Watch it here for free.

As COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, working modules within the food industry require urgent reassessment in order to safeguard production.

From ingredients supply, logistics, to safety of the workers, what are the biggest challenges and threats highlighted due to the novel coronavirus outbreak? How are companies coping with these obstacles to ensure food supply remains steady?

Even though research on the threat of virus transmission via food yielded negligible results, food safety may have been impacted in unexpected ways and has remained a top priority for the food industry.

This webinar explores the potential risks that have been highlighted in terms of food safety, key learnings across the food supply chain as a result, as well as where the opportunities lie going forward.




Rob Kooijmans - Co-founder and CEO of the Food Strategy Institute

Rob Kooijmans is co-founder and CEO of the Food Strategy Institute. He has over 22 years of experience in the international food industry and he has held various senior positions as QA director and VP QA. He has worked for large multi-nationals like Unilever and DSM and also for large privately held companies like Farm Frites. Rob is the also the co-founder and co-owner of - a boutique consulting agency for the food sector and Food Safety Experts - an on-line training and coaching business aimed at quality managers in the international food industry. Rob is a celebrated speaker and author in the areas of quality and food safety.


Martin D’Agostino - Head of Virology, Campden BRI

Martin D’Agostino joined Campden BRI in May 2016 as a food virologist after having worked at the Food and Environment Research Agency (DEFRA) since 1994. His microbiological career began with Kennerty Farm Dairies in Aberdeen (now Robert Wisemans) as a laboratory assistant, monitoring the microbiological quality of milk and milk products until he joined what was the Torry Food Science Laboratory (Central Science Laboratory, MAFF) in 1994 (now named Fera Science Limited). Martin has experience of chairing and presenting scientific talks at national and international scientific meetings and has been author in over 30 publications.

John G. Keogh.jpg

John G. Keogh - Founder & Managing Principal, Shantalla Inc.

Mr. Keogh is a strategist, C-level advisor and academic researcher with 25 years of executive leadership roles as Director, VP and SVP in global Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Technology Consulting and global Supply Chain Standards. He advises the public and private sectors worldwide and is a regular subject matter expert on TV and Radio.Mr. Keogh is managing principal at Toronto-based, niche advisory and research firm Shantalla Inc. With a passion for simplifying complexity and reducing information asymmetry in food chains, his advisory and research focus is primarily on how technologies can combine with industry standards and analytical science to enhance transparency and trust and meet regulatory requirements. Mr. Keogh holds a PG diploma and an MBA in Management and an MSc in Business and Management Research in transparency and trust. He is currently completing doctoral research on transparency and trust in food chains at Henley Business School, University of Reading.


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