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Meeting consumer demand with plant-based protein hydrolysates [Video]

Video-Meeting consumer demand with plant-based protein hydrolysates [Video]

From sports nutrition to healthy snacking, protein fortification is undoubtedly on-trend. But manufacturers must give careful consideration to their ingredient choices when formulating new products.

In this FoodTALKS video, Conor Power, global product lead for nutritional and functional proteins at Kerry, tells us about the advantages of plant protein hydrolysates and explains how they can support innovation in many different food and drink categories.

Watch this video to find out more about how to:

  • Get the right taste, texture, and mouthfeel with protein fortified products
  • Achieve a clean label ingredient list using plant-based protein hydrolysates
  • Create a nutritionally balanced product that provides excellent protein quality and digestibility

Conor Power also discusses the white space opportunities that remain in the plant-based category.