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Imagining the future of eating

Article-Imagining the future of eating

Mandy Saven (Head of Food, Beverage and Hospitality, Stylus) tells us about the exciting new relationship with food the future could hold in store for us.

In the near future, your kitchen will mentor you about the way you should prepare your food to create a nutritious meal that provides you with just the right kind and amount of nutrients you need for breakfast.

On the counter top stands a vitamin dispenser that provides the correct mix of vitamins and minerals tailored to your personal activity level.

When your friends come over for dinner later, your home-cooked wholesome, tasty meal will dazzle them, as will your knowledge of the ingredients used and where they were sourced.

Are you a food expert? No, simply a food savvy ‘commercial connoisseur’. You feel like an expert and want to understand where your food comes from, what you need to eat to be healthy on a daily basis.

Your relationship with the food you cook and eat is rewarding and focussed on self-care.

You will quickly prepare a meal that would have cost an experienced chef hours to prepare, without the skills required. Your weekly subscription to a sophisticated meal kit that guides you through the motions stir by stir is not only helpful, it gives you cultural cachet.

And the 3D printed personalised pasta you served – in the shape of each of your friends’ initials – was a delightful surprise.

In fact it was so easy, you had ample time to foodstagram your delicious creations to whet your friends’ appetite. As for answering their questions about whether the ingredients you used were sustainably sourced, no worries – all your specifications were automatically scanned before the delivery drone picked them up

IKEA collaborated with IDEO and students at the School of Industrial Design  at Lund University, and the Industrial Design department at Eindhoven University of Technology to develop the 'concept kitchen 2025' that helps us live sustainably and eat healthily.

Once you are ready cooking all the leftover ingredients are stored in containers that wirelessly cool them to just the right temperature so they keep fresh for longer. Your kitchen will help you keep food waste to a minimum and you need not worry whether the packaging of the products you used is sustainable: the wrap you just pealed off your vegetable does double duty as lining for your cat litter.

Welcome to Mandy Saven’s New Food Frontiers: a journey into the future of eating that covers every aspect of future edible worlds, from personalised nutrition to the need for transparency and the effects of these trends on our daily encounters with food.