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Disruptive Innovation: Reshaping the food systems of tomorrow [eMag]

Article-Disruptive Innovation: Reshaping the food systems of tomorrow [eMag]

There is no denying the correlation that exists between innovation and consumer trends. Companies need to fulfil the ever-increasing demands from consumers in order to remain profitable and ahead of the trends.


In this eMag you will find interviews of leading industry experts such as Jeremy Basset (CEO of CO:CUBED), Rahul Shinde (Director Front End Innovation at Givaudan), Maarten Ooms (Managing Director in Rabobank’s Financial Advisory and Solutions group) and Julian Mellentin (Founder of New Nutrition Business) who discuss the most dynamic drivers for innovation, demands for more sustainable solutions and the key elements required for successful open innovation partnerships.

Main topics this eMag will cover are:

  • What are the key ingredients for open innovation success?
  • How F&B multinationals foster innovation by being open to change
  • Lessons for startups: Securing funding & Spotting traps on the road to success
  • Embracing innovation in a competitive environment


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