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Startup Innovation Challenge

Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2021 Awards Ceremony [On-demand]

Video-Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2021 Awards Ceremony [On-demand]

The Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge aims to reward innovative projects within the food and beverages industry, by offering startups the opportunity to develop their activities through a specialised support program.

Watch the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2021 Awards Ceremony hosted live in Frankfurt, Germany during Fi Europe 2021, co-located with Hi Europe in December as we reveal the winners of the 6th edition.

Finalists competed in the three below categories: 

Most Innovative Plant-based or Alternative Ingredient      

Sophie's BioNutrients is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.

Moolec Science is an Ag-FoodTech company, producing real animal proteins in plants to develop affordable animal-free ingredients.

SACCHA extracts proteins from microorganisms such as brewer's yeast that are like egg protein, but without the egg. These are distributed to food companies to help them create authentic alternatives to animal products and bring them into every European kitchen and every European household.

Time-travelling Milkman BV (TTM) produces and sells plant-based fat ingredient for creamier, healthier, and more sustainable plant-based products.

Update Foods is producing the next generation of dairy alternatives, powered by faba protein and algae.

Most Innovative F&B Ingredient or Processing Technology      

NoPalm Ingredients is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and save tropical rainforest by replacing palm oil as an ingredient in food, cosmetics and detergents.

California Cultured is producing chocolate that is free from deforestation and slavery by growing non-GMO chocolate from cocoa stem cells via cell culture technology. Producing chocolate and high value cocoa ingredients that have customisable flavour, bitter, and health compounds.

Eighth Day Foods is enabling food producers to create ground-breaking premium plant-based products under their own trusted brands. They are also the inventors of a global breakthrough in plant-based protein, called LUPREME®.

Hoow Foods Pte Ltd is focused on enabling healthy living by healthy eating, and aim to do so by using their deep insights of foods and formulations to create healthier ingredients.

Umami Meats is cultivating the future of sustainable seafood by crafting delicious, nutritious, and healthy cultivated fish that is better for our health, our oceans, and our planet.

Most Innovative Service or Technology Supporting F&B  

Allozymes Pte Ltd applies its proprietary platform technology to rapidly develop novel enzymes, revolutionizing the way that industries manufacture complex natural products.’s proprietary, disruptive enzyme technology platform is designed to convert high-calorie, obesity-promoting sugars embedded within natural juices into rare, practically no-calorie sugars, such as Allulose.

Mi Terro is the world's first synthetic biology and advanced material company that utilizes big data to create home compostable, single-use plastic-alternative packaging materials made from plant-based agricultural waste – this is a first-of-its-kind approach.

Thank you to all the expert jury members who supported us for the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2021:

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