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Attaining a level playing field for plant-based foods in Europe [On-demand webinar]

Video-Attaining a level playing field for plant-based foods in Europe [On-demand webinar]

The European Commission has, in light of the Green Deal and Paris Agreements, set a big ambition to shift towards more healthy and sustainable food systems. Siska Pottie, Secretary General of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods, discusses.

The EU Farm to Fork Strategy, the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Beating Cancer Plan, all aim to help drive this shift and acknowledges the key role of plant-based foods. The adaptation of existing policies and legislation is required to make sustainable and healthy foods the default option, encouraging their production and making them accessible and affordable to citizens across the EU; yet, barriers still exist. In this on-demand presentation, considering the commitment of the regulators, Siska Pottie, Secretary General of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods (EAPF), will discuss the EAPF’s call to secure a level playing field through fiscal and market measures to facilitate the uptake of sustainable and healthy diets, as well as explore the three complementary and parallel routes through which this can be achieved.



Siska Pottie - Secretary General, European Alliance for Plant-based Food (EAPF)

Siska Pottie is an experienced public affair professional and founder of Fjutjer BV, a consultancy guiding organizations through transitions. She has +20 years of experience in Regulatory, Medical, Public and European Affairs and in international association management. With an academic background and Ph.D. in food and agronomy she exercised the functions of Medical and Public Affairs Director at Nutricia and Danone. The last 6 years she is also Managing Director of IMACE, the European and International Margarine Association, a non-profit organization representing the interests of the European margarine and plant-based spreads/fats producers. This year she created the European Plant-based Food Alliance, a multi-stakeholder platform, gathering like-minded companies and organizations around the common goal to advance plant-based foods as a vital part of the transition towards more sustainable and healthy food systems. Through these activities she gained a deep knowledge on the various policy dossiers on food and agricultural policies, circular economy and sustainable development. It also allowed her to build an extensive network of stakeholders throughout the Brussels and European scene.