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Developing products that appeal to consumers, while reducing calories and increasing dietary fibre [On-demand webinar]

One of the main reformulation strategies currently is to replace higher calorie macronutrients. This on-demand focuses on a case study on how different dietary fibres can be utilised to decrease the calorie-density of a pizza base, tomato sauce and meatballs. Watch it here to learn more.


One of the main reformulation strategies currently is to replace higher calorie macronutrients, such as saturated fats (9kcal/g), unsaturated fats (9kcal/g), proteins (4kcal/g), and carbohydrates (including sugar) (4kcal/g), with lower calorie macronutrients or alternatives, such as fibre (0-2.4kcal/g), water (0kcal/g) and air (0kcal/g). The incorporation of dietary fibre into products can be difficult, as its functionality can modify both the finished product and the behaviour of the product during manufacturing. Campden BRI’s research on ‘calorie reduction and fibre enhancement,’ aims to improve the understanding of the functionality of fibre from various sources, identify potential new sources of fibre and classify which fibres perform best in certain product matrices. The project outcomes will equip food manufacturers to develop products that maintain consumer appeal, with reduced calorie density and increased dietary fibre levels.



Lucas Westphal - Senior Bakery Scientist, Campden BRI

Lucas Westpal started his career in the food industry in 2011 in a German artisan bakery, where he completed an apprenticeship as a baker. Afterwards, he graduated from Hochschule Niederrhein with a BSc in Ecotrophology before moving to the UK to pursue an MSc in Food Science at the University of Reading. After graduating with a first class from UoR in 2018, he started to work for Campden BRI as a Senior Bakery Scientist. In this role, Lucas has been working on multiple research projects aiming to increase the fibre content of baked goods while utilising by-products of the food industry.

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