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"I make dealing with the legislation around food labels hassle-free" - Roni Avital [Interview]

Article-"I make dealing with the legislation around food labels hassle-free" - Roni Avital [Interview]

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Dedicating time to develop a software programme to make food labeling hassle-free was a pivotal career moment for Nutraid-founder Roni Avital. We interviewed her about her success as an entrepreneur.

You have extensive experience as a marketer for Israeli hi-tech companies and start-ups but you are also a Co-Founder and Managing Director of a nutritional analysis & food labeling software company. Can you tell us what attracted you to work in the food industry?

“I started my career working for different high-tech companies. I was moving around quite a bit given the instability of the market and my wish to experience different companies and technologies.”

“When we moved away from the center of Israel to the ‘countryside’ I decided to find my path as a freelancer. I started a branding company for Marcom and marketing consulting work. Working mostly with CEOs of small start-ups, my work and business perception became more strategic and business oriented.  That is when the ‘itch’ to have a product/ start-up of my own came up.”

“I always loved to cook and create innovative dishes. Around mid-2013 I found out that food labeling legislation was going to change in Israel and eventually in Europe.  That is when I had the idea of dedicating 2 days a week to commercially develop a product that my partner had developed more than 10 years ago for his mother who is a food engineer. Until then she sold it only directly to her clients and only through word of mouth. That is how Nutraid started.”


Why did you choose to focus on nutritional analysis and food labeling processes?

“Nutraid software was developed for a specific focus and target market: to help food manufacturers deal with the legislation and hassle of food labels. To me this is a very interesting audience and I value the opportunity to help these busy hardworking people decrease their legislation ‘burden’.”

Can you explain how Nutraid works and who could benefit from using it?

“Nutraid is a database analysis software helping food manufacturers calculate recipe nutrition, and create FDA, Canada or EU compliant food labels in minutes.”

“Its multi-lingual platform enables single click label translation to eight different languages for creating food labels locally and for export.”

“Restaurants, hotels and caterers can also benefit from quick access and management of calorie, allergen, and custom ingredient information for their recipes and menu.”

You co-founded Nutraid over 5 years ago. I am sure that you gained many valuable insights on company management over that time. What is the advice you would give your younger self from the place where you stand now?

“I don’t believe you can shorten a learning curve, and it is all part of the journey. If I could talk to my younger self, I would encourage myself that I am on the right path.”

“I would also tell myself to start approaching the US market sooner.”

What do you see as the most challenging part of your current role?

“Nutraid is sold in Europe, US & Canada and Israel through collaboration with local partners. The most challenging part of my job is to locate distributors and create new distribution channels. Part of my ‘caution’ in taking in new partners is to find the right companies for us. We take pride in extremely good personal connection with our partners and enjoy working with like-minded individuals.”

What marketing tip would you give to a start-up aiming to break into the Israeli market?

“As always in marketing, one of the most fundamental aspects is to know and understand your target audience. You have to know its character and needs.”

“Today the Israeli food-tech market is very fast and innovative, boasting a constant flow of prize-winning products and start-ups. It is important to understand what similar products already exist and how your product is unique.”

“Israelis can be fast and quick to react. They will recognize an interesting opportunity and a good deal when they see one. Do not be intimidated by what can appear as an ‘overtly outgoing’ nature.”


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