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Delivering the Taste and Texture experience consumers expect [On-demand webinar]

Article-Delivering the Taste and Texture experience consumers expect [On-demand webinar]

This webinar provides key insights on the challenges and opportunities that exist for manufacturers in delivering the taste and texture experience that today’s consumers expect. Watch it free here.

Taste and texture are both valued as of equal importance by consumers when it comes to delivering a great sensory experience. As many as 86% of consumers state that taste remains a top driver in their purchasing decisions.[1] But getting the texture right is of equal importance, since mouthfeel and the way foods are broken down in the mouth can exert an enormous influence over how taste is perceived.[2]


A long list of consumer demands ranging from health benefits, value for money, product quality, increased shelf life, to attractive appearance, pleasant aroma and satisfactory texture, is making it harder for manufacturers to deliver on taste and texture. Manufacturers are especially trying to identify reformulation strategies that will assist them in their search for the right flavours and textures, whilst also delivering healthier options to consumers.

Which reformulation strategies are being used successfully to enhance consumers’ eating experiences and create products that resonate with them? What is trending in the food space and which flavours and textures are consumers looking for in different products? What is changing in this regard across foodservice and in retail? Which direction is the natural flavours market moving in and which ground-breaking technologies are being used?

This webinar explores market insights and opportunities that exist for manufacturers in the natural flavours sector. We explore some of the key flavours and textures coming from the foodservice space that chefs are currently experimenting with and consider how best to ensure a product delivers the sensory experience consumers expect.

Our expert speakers share their insights on the challenges and opportunities that exist when it comes to delivering on the taste and texture experience that today’s consumers expect. Watch this on-demand webinar for the latest market analysis, reformulation insights and predictions for the future of taste and texture as consumer preferences continue to evolve. 



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Kinga Wójcicka-Świderska, Senior Content Producer, Fi Global

Kinga links in her work best solutions and science to food business through content creation for the biggest B2B exhibitions -Fi Europe and Fi North America. She is an experienced manager and a food expert. Throughout her career she has managed wide range of projects in the field of food sciences from product design to establishing strategic partnerships for R&D. She is also a food law expert, having managed for many years, association of food supplements producers and being part of formulating opinions in regulatory consultation process on national and EU level.



Aurore de Monclin, Managing Partner at Healthy Marketing Team

With over 15 years of experience in healthy marketing, and having worked in more than 20 countries from US to Kazakhstan, leading brand positioning and innovation projects for medical nutrition, food, beverage and ingredient clients, Aurore brings global perspective and practical expertise on how to understand customers’ health needs and develop better targeted brands, faster to market.

She developed a passion for nutrition, health & wellness as Innovation Manager at Nestle, working on strategic initiatives to deliver the company’s Health & Wellness Ambition for the UK market. Aurore holds a Master’s Degree in Food Science Management and Marketing from the leading global food institute Agro Paristech.

Freier Lizzy hi-res.jpg

Lizzy Freier, Senior Research Manager of Menu, Technomic

Lizzy Freier is a Senior Research Manager of Menu at Technomic, a Winsight Company. Lizzy covers trending flavours, ingredients, dishes and preparations for food and beverage at independent restaurants, emerging chains and top chain restaurant brands. She has also analysed global trends. She has presented at numerous conferences in the U.S. and internationally on menu trend development, data and forecasting for restaurant operators, manufacturers and distributors. She currently resides in Chicago.

Jamie Rice.jpg

Jamie Rice, Global Director Sales & Marketing, Foodtrending

Jamie Rice is Global Sales and Marketing Director for Foodtrending. Foodtrending are food industry market analysts providing reliable and consistent market intelligence to the international food, flavour and ingredients industry.

Foodtrending’s unique market database tracks consumer food and beverage consumption by retail and out-of-home channels and flavour and industrial ingredients usage. For over 30 years they have provided the critical insight to help companies build informed strategy, identify profitable growth opportunities and develop successful new products. Foodtrending work exclusively with the food industry, from consumer packaged food and beverage brands, flavour houses and ingredient manufacturers to out-of-home operators, to help companies identify next-level growth opportunities.

Jamie has worked for Foodtrending since 2001. He is a regular presenter onmarkets and trends in the food industry and has appeared on the BBC, FT and across numerous food industry publications.

Thomas Vierhile.jpg

Tom Vierhile, VP of Strategic Insights North America, Innova Market Insights

Tom Vierhile is VP of Strategic Insights North America for Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights and has 20+years of experience in packaged goods reporting and analysis. Based in Fairport, New York, he is a new product marketing expert and has been quoted by Bloomberg, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

Tom has given presentations on new product trends at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. A regular contributor to Prepared Foods magazine, Tom has a bachelor's degree in marketing from St. Bonaventure University and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo.



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