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How to build a sustainable brand that appeals to consumers

Article-How to build a sustainable brand that appeals to consumers

How to build a sustainable brand that appeals to consumers
The food industry is both impacted by climate change and a major contributor to climate change, and consumers are increasingly seeking out ethical products. Join the free Fi Webinar Series webinar on building successful, sustainable brands to find out how your food business can become part of the solution.

Over 90% of European citizens say that protecting the environment is important to them, according to a 2020 survey by the European Commission, while a survey by business consultancy  Simon-Kucher & Partners found that sustainability is rated as an important purchase criterion for 60% of consumers globally.

As the climate crisis worsens, these priorities look set to grow – and brands that act sustainably today could have a competitive advantage. The Fi Webinar Series webinar on sustainability on 23 May will help food businesses identify how they can embed sustainability into their operations.  

With two expert presentations and a live panel discussion featuring sustainability thought leaders, the webinar, Building sustainable brands: From product development to marketing strategies, will tackle the most important issues that brands need to consider when developing and launching a product from procurement strategies to third party certification and communicating to consumers.

Cliona Howie, CEO of ecolabel non-profit organisation Foundation Earth, will give a presentation on how consumer-facing, front-of-pack ecolabelling can be a powerful tool not just for transparency but for instigating systemic change, helping food businesses to identify how they can improve across their supply chains.

Ed Ayton, sustainable sourcing manager at UK direct-to-consumer producer Abel & Cole, will discuss how food businesses can introduce sustainable practices across their operations.

B Corp-certified Abel & Cole, which has been delivering organic and sustainably sourced farmboxes to UK customers since 1988, has expanded its portfolio beyond produce and now works with other food brands interested in doing business more sustainably. In his presentation, Ayton will explore the constant innovation required to reduce environmental impact in a changing world and share insights into how to overcome the inevitable challenges along the way.

Finally, in a live panel discussion, both Ayton and Howie will discuss what it takes for established brands to become more sustainable across the whole value chain and how new brands can make these considerations an integral part of their strategy from day one.

Moderated by senior content producer Elizabeth Draper, the live session will highlight how branding and marketing approaches are evolving to keep purpose in mind; how responsible sourcing strategies are making supply chains fairer and more transparent; and how third-party organisations such as B Corp can help brands in their sustainability journey.