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Next-generation dairy alternatives: Using consumer insights to inform plant-based NPD

Article-Next-generation dairy alternatives: Using consumer insights to inform plant-based NPD

© Fi Global Insights Next-generation dairy alternatives: Using consumer insights to inform plant-based NPD
The billion-dollar dairy alternative category is the shining star in the global plant-based market. But how can brands continue to innovate in this increasingly saturated space? Join our free webinar for tips on successful new product development (NPD) in this space.

From non-dairy drinking milks – which account for a staggering 90% of dairy alternative products, according to the Healthy Marketing Team – to spoonable yoghurts and vegan ice cream, the plant-based non-dairy category is vibrant and supermarket shelves are packed with products.

But will consumer demand continue at the same pace and what are the future opportunities for growth? Join our free-to-attend webinar, Dairy alternatives: From consumer insights to plant-based NPD, on 11 July for a deep-dive into category insights with two leading experts and an interactive, live panel discussion.

Jessica Maniscalco, senior retail insights manager at market insights company SPINS, will share insights on the US marketplace for plant-based dairy alternatives. Her presentation will look at the high-performing channels that are driving success and explore how product intelligence enables retailers and brands to proactively anticipate upcoming trends.

With examples of how to understand category champions and underperformers, Maniscalco’s presentation will help brands identify strategies for successful product development.

Julia Martin, scientific lead and programme manager at ProVeg Incubator will give a presentation on how entrepreneurs are leading the way in the alternative dairy landscape.

Martin will give an overview of alternative dairy companies that have emerged in the past four years, looking at the problems they are solving and the technologies they are using.

She will also review product development trends across geographies and explore how they are addressing nutritional considerations.

Then, in a live Q&A panel discussion, Maniscalco and Martin will explore what the future of the sector might look like, through the lens of their respective areas of expertise.

Looking at the landscape from both a US and EU perspective, they will address the important questions on product developers’ and marketers’ minds: what are the new retail trends on the horizon? How are companies approaching the new product development challenge of matching traditional dairy in texture, flavour, and nutritional density? And how accessible are new technologies for the industry at large and how open are consumers to lab-based solutions?