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Protein Deep Dive Day

Panel discussion: How to make successful, category-winning protein products [On-demand webinar]

Video-Panel discussion: How to make successful, category-winning protein products [On-demand webinar]

Innovation is key in the food & drink industry, but understanding consumer needs is crucial. Discover how to launch a successful protein innovation product by identifying the right ingredients and meeting health-conscious consumers' needs.

Successful product innovation in any food and drink category must begin with a deep understanding of many different parameters, and protein innovation is no different.

Who are the target consumers and what are their protein needs? Which protein ingredients resonate most with consumers across product categories? What are consumers’ expectations and perceptions?

During this on-demand panel discussion, we look at how brands can ensure a successful product launch by answering these questions.



Roseanna Evans, Head of Client Operations, HRA Global

Roseanna Evans is Head of Client Operations at HRA Global, a full-service, international FMCG consultancy with one core aim: to use real FMCG insight and expertise to deliver tangible business growth. HRA’s specialises in three core business areas: Market Research & Insight; Strategic Growth Consulting; and Applied Commercial Solutions. Roseanna joined HRA IN 2016, and has a breadth of experience across all areas. She currently leads the Project Management and Delivery team, overseeing a vast range of projects across their three key areas. Roseanna holds a degree from Exeter University, CIM and PRINCE2® qualifications. She is an experienced public speaker, frequently speaking at a range of other industry events in the UK and across Europe.


Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Mike Hughes is Head of Research and Insight at FMCG Gurus, and has over 15 years’ experience analysing consumer trends across the food, drink and supplement industry. Mike has a particular interest in challenging industry perceptions when it comes to assumptions around how consumers think and behave, as well as identifying new and evolving trends across markets.

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