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Fi Global Insights 2021 Trend Guide [Report]

Article-Fi Global Insights 2021 Trend Guide [Report]

This Fi Global insights Trend Guide shines a spotlight on some of the trends and innovations that could be found at Fi Europe CONNECT 2020. Download the report here to learn more.

What's in the Trend Guide:

  • Safety first: Transparency tops 2021 food trends
  • Emerging flavour trends from the food service industry
  • Specialised nutrition in a post-Covid world
  • What’s next for the sports nutrition market?
  • Fi Europe Innovation Awards 2020 Finalists and Winners
  • Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2020 Finalists and Winners
  • Leveraging the power of ‘fungal factories’
  • An invisible solution to the glaring food waste problem
  • Engineering novel enzymes is key to creating healthier food
  • Innovation Tours
  • European sleep and cognitive health trends 2020
  • European immunity trends 2020 and beyond

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