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Is bakery evolving into plant-based? [On-demand webinar]

Video-Is bakery evolving into plant-based? [On-demand webinar]

This on-demand webinar comments on some of the information shared by speakers in their presentations relating to bakery and snacks. It presents some of the challenges and opportunities faced when formulating bakery products with plant-based ingredients. Watch it free here to find out more on current trends within the bakery and snacks domain.



Clara Talens – Senior Researcher, New Foods at AZTI

Clara Talens, PhD in Agricultural Engineering, is a Senior Researcher in New Foods at AZTI (Spain). She has just under 10 years' experience in managing public and private funded R&D projects towards a more personalised and sustainable food sector. She is currently working on new product development, based on incorporating fruit and vegetable fractions in bakery and ready-to-eat formulations, reducing the amount of non-desired ingredients (sugar, fat), and increasing the amount of health-promoting ingredients (protein, dietary fibre) by applying new technologies and processes that maintain the sensory quality. As well as innovating with startups under EU framework programs, she also collaborates with food companies from idea generation to industrial scale-up.


Heather Daniell - Founder and CEO. Satisfied Snacks

Heather is founder and CEO of Satisfied Snacks.  There she developed the patent-pending binding process Satisfied Snacks uses to make its unique products including Salad as a Crisp. The novel binding process doesn’t require any sugar or starch to create durable dry foodstuffs. She has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University and has worked in a variety of areas from materials for next generation electronic displays to molecular computers among others. Before starting Satisfied Snacks Heather was a consultant and was inspired to create a different type of convenience food without refined carbohydrate binders."

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