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Consumer drivers fuelling Food and Drink flavour trends [On-demand webinar]

Video-Consumer drivers fuelling Food and Drink flavour trends [On-demand webinar]

In this presentation, Mintel looks at the key consumer needs behind flavour choice and the future opportunities in Food and Drink flavour trends. Watch it here for free.

Taste satisfaction is the major driver behind most food and drink purchase decisions. And flavour choice is a primary driver of taste. Flavours are associated with a range of sensory and emotional triggers. They can deliver health benefits, activate memories and link to pleasure and indulgence. So, whether consumers are on the lookout for relaxation, stimulation, excitement or pure enjoyment, flavours can stimulate and define the experience.



Regina Maiseviciute-Haydon - Global Food & Drink Analyst, Mintel

As Global Food and Drink Analyst, Regina Maiseviciute Haydon is responsible for providing insights on innovations, consumer trends, competitive intelligence, market developments and sustainability globally. She frequently speaks at international industry events, alongside presenting with clients directly.