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Designing texture and taste - ingredients in products and what do they actually do? [On-demand webinar]

Video-Designing texture and taste - ingredients in products and what do they actually do? [On-demand webinar]

Developing new products that deliver great texture and taste is a skill that needs to be underpinned by science. Lowering fat, sugar or salt, or creating personalised products such as meat analogues, gluten-free or vegan alternatives, can be successfully achieved by understanding the role that ingredients play in delivering texture and how they interact with each other. Once the product is made then scaled-up, stability and shelf-life are key issues for texture and taste. This on-demand webinar considers the ways that science can help in successful ingredient choices and new product design.



Kathy Groves - Consultant, RSSL (Reading Scientific Services Ltd)

Professor Kathy Groves FRMS, FIFST has over 40 years’ experience in the food microscopy field, covering research into a range of products, including ingredient functionality and reformulation, meat product quality, emulsions and confectionery products. She has worked with the UK Food Standards Agency and Defra on methods to detect mechanically separated meat, and has presented on nanotechnology to the UK Government. Kathy is a Fellow of the RMS and IFST and is visiting professor at the University of Chester. She is currently a consultant in the food microstructure area.