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How Artificial Intelligence is illuminating the potential of plants [On-demand webinar]

Video-How Artificial Intelligence is illuminating the potential of plants [On-demand webinar]

New breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are enabling one of the largest market opportunities for category differentiation through potent, natural ingredients.

Science knows that plants are powerful, yet 99% of bioactive compounds that reside in plants have yet to be discovered or understood for health impact that go beyond standard nutritional conventions. The vast majority of plants with established supply chains have yet to be mined for bioactive compounds representing an extraordinary opportunity to develop untapped health & wellness value in plant-based ingredients. With these discoveries, products can be activated to meet underserved health needs for consumers.


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Sofia Elizondo, Co-founder and COO, Brightseed

Sofia Elizondo is the co-founder and COO of Brightseed, a biosciences company leveraging A.I. to illuminate the connection between plants and people. A business leader with two decades of experience building multimillion-dollar companies and brands in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and technology industries, Sofia has led innovation in the development and marketing of plant-based foods and has advised start-ups pursuing new foods and ingredients found in nature. In addition to her work with the Boston Consulting Group, she advised the United Nations on private sector adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. She has an MBA from Stanford University.

Brightseed enables a healthier future by illuminating and activating the biological connections between plants and people. Plant small molecules, or bioactives, are often referred to as “nature’s dark matter.” Brightseed’s Forager® is the first and only artificial intelligence to map the world’s bioactives and predict which of them have the greatest impact on critical health areas. Forager®’s discoveries have implications for how we grow, process, and consume plants in order to optimize their natural potency.