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Market drivers for product reformulation: Importance of analytical & predictive stability tools [On-demand webinar]

Consumers want confidence that their diets contain products that are as natural as possible. This has meant that there is a drive for companies to reformulate their products to include fewer ingredients, with the focus to “go natural” and pursue “clean labels.” This on-demand webinar covers some of the key methodologies available to assess the impact of reformulation on attributes.

This reformulation of products can include the reduction of sugar and/or fat, and the replacement of artificial ingredients (e.g. antioxidants) with natural counterparts. It can be a challenge for companies to reformulate and retain original sensory attributes, maintain shelf-life and not adversely impact cost. This presentation covers some of the key methodologies available to assess the impact of reformulation on attributes, including:

  • Shelf-life failure modes
  • Texture change
  • Flavour loss
  • Change in appearance

Available methodologies include new ingredient choices, initial screening and product development, identifying pitfalls of reformulation and monitoring chemical and physical changes which may occur over shelf-life.


Ben Price.jpg

Ben Price - Associate Principal Scientist (Lipids), Reading Scientific Services Ltd

A lipids technical specialist, Ben has been with RSSL for six years and uses a variety of analytical techniques to ensure clients understand their products, using his skills to problem-solve issues related primarily with lipid chemistry. This vital service helps to protect a client’s brand quality and ensure that consumer expectations are maintained. Ben has been working within the industry for over 13 years and has gained wide knowledge across the field of analytical chemistry, with specialisms in materials science, analytical method development, chromatography and spectroscopy.

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