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(Re-)designing Food [On-demand webinar]

Video-(Re-)designing Food [On-demand webinar]

This on-demand webinar takes a look at conflicting consumer behaviours and how to make use of the natural characteristics of ingredients for food innovation. Food waste and how to prevent this within our own bodies will also be examined, and some ideas will also be shared on how separating nourishment from the sensorial experience and the pleasure derived from eating, could catapult us into a post-Anthropocentric radical new food system, based on microbes.



Chloé Rutzerveld – Food designer and futurist

Chloé Rutzerveld is food designer and food futurist. She explores and challenges food production and consumption and is fascinated by nature, the human body and the strange relationship people have with food. Chloé studied Industrial Design at the Technical University in Eindhoven. After graduating Cum Laude in 2014, she started her food design studio. Chloé’s work is interdisciplinary and a direct response to the things she questions or is fascinated about. By combining aspects of design, science and technology she thinks up new ways to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable. She communicates her ideas through speculative design probes, interactive installations, exhibitions, workshops and experimental dinners. By using food as medium, she makes new technologies and food related issues tangible for a wide variety of people, resulting in a better understanding and in-depth discussions. Chloé’s work is meant to inspire, provoke and educate while bridging the distance between research, production and consumption.

TAGS: Innovation