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Plant-based report, part 2: Next-generation dairy alternatives [Report]

Demand for plant-based dairy alternatives has soared in recent years. However, using plant-based ingredients to create truly dairy-like milk, yoghurt, ice cream, and more remains a technical and functional challenge for product developers.

In this report - part two of our three-part report series on plant-based food and drink - we look at how sensory analysis can aid new product development; identify high-potential plant-based ingredients; and explore how precision fermentation could be a game-changer for the category.

Download our free report to find out more about the latest ingredient innovations and branding considerations that can take your dairy alternative product to the next level.


  • Finding functional equivalents: The food technologist’s view
  • Use analytical tools to quantify and qualify sensory traits
  • Fermentation: Low-tech but effective
  • Spotlight on ingredient innovation: From microalgae to seed oleosomes
  • Is precision fermentation the new frontier of alternative dairy?
  • Can plant-based products compete with (or beat) dairy’s nutritional gold standard?
  • Key takeaways

The Fi Global Insights 2023 plant-based report will be published in three parts throughout 2023. This is part two.



Plant-based report, part 2: Next-generation dairy alternatives [Report]