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Solutions for farm-to-fork sustainability [Report]

In a world where information is a keystroke away, consumers increasingly want easily accessible details about ingredient sustainability for the products they consume. This report explores supply chain sustainability and offers tips to help manufacturers pilot the increasing challenges of affordably creating sustainable food and drink products.

Where ingredients are sourced has become equally as important as how the product came to be in a customer’s hands. Brands will need to be more adept at evaluating and incorporating a mix of traditional and emerging solutions to meet consumer curiosity, while aligning with sweeping European regulatory reforms that will mandate farm-to-fork sustainability measures.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • Marketing sustainability: Make clear and credible data-based claims
  • Sustainable products, emotional connections, and trust
  • European sustainability regulations
  • Embracing climate-smart farming and crops
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • From seaweed to millet: Sustainable, climate-resilient ingredients
  • High-tech, low-impact: Novel processing technologies at the service of sustainability
  • Artificial intelligence for sustainability
  • Key takeaways

Solutions for farm-to-fork sustainability [Report]